Mezzanine Shelving Systems

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Mezzanine Shelving Systems

Curious About Mezzanine Shelving Systems

Mezzanine rack system, which is one of the rack systems, has been specially produced considering the storage needs of businesses and companies. Mezzanine racking systems, which are frequently used by workplaces with small warehouses, are specially designed for warehouse areas to reach maximum efficiency. Mezzanine shelf systems, which enable efficient use of warehouse areas, are prepared by using shelf legs. Thanks to these shelf legs, floors are made in the warehouses and in this way, the best use of the known area is ensured. Thanks to these floors, which are climbed according to the height of the warehouse area, the system volume of the warehouse increases. Shelf systems of the mezzanine, which can be shaped laterally or longitudinally, have walking areas on the floors. At the same time, the mezzanine shelf systems are offered to customers by adding materials such as wire grid, chipboard, mdf and sheet metal pans on the platforms. Elevator and stair support are also needed to be used in the transitions between floors. The most distinctive feature of the mezzanine rack system from other rack systems is that it offers storage service and workspace at the same time. The usage areas of the mezzanine shelves are generally warehouses where the product surplus and variety is high.

What are Mezzanine Shelving Systems, What Are They Good For?

Mezzanine shelf systems emerge as a system that differs from other shelf systems as a result of making walkways to the corridors between the shelves in the storage areas. Mezzanine rack systems, which contain both the storage service and the working environment at the same time, are built as multi-storey. Due to the fact that the mezzanine shelves can be made multi-storey, the maximum level used is reached. This means making the area to be used the most efficient. This situation, which is one of the reasons why companies or companies prefer mezzanine shelves, also prevents financial losses of companies. Thanks to the mezzanine shelf systems preferred in warehouses with product variety and excess, companies can safely store their products. So, what are the reasons for choosing mezzanine rack systems in general:
• It ensures the most efficient use of the existing usage area.
• It is economical as it reduces costs.
• It provides an efficient and effective storage and working environment.
• It can be specially produced in vertical or horizontal shapes for the wishes and needs of the customers.
• Thanks to the overlapping floors, it provides space for growth and expansion.

What Should You Know About Mezzanine Shelving Systems?

Mezzanine rack systems, which create a platform system by using shelf legs, increase the warehouse volume. The most important factor determining the increase in warehouse volume is the width of the warehouse area. However, the best efficiency that can be obtained thanks to the floors used even in small warehouses is obtained thanks to the mezzanine shelf systems. In addition to the warehouse services it offers, it also provides its customers with the opportunity to work in the same environment. This situation increases the preference rates of mezzanine shelf systems.