Mold Shelf with 65% Opening Drawer

Ana Sayfa Mold Shelf with 65% Opening Drawer

Mold Shelf with 65% Opening Drawer

Curiosities About Mold Rack With Drawer With 65% Opening

Storage rack systems are racks that are specially produced for use in storage services. These shelf systems, which are frequently used by the logistics sectors, which are among the indispensables of today, meet the needs and demands of the enterprises. In particular, it has become almost mandatory for businesses and companies offering retail and wholesale products to use storage rack systems today. Thanks to these warehouse shelf systems, businesses that can easily store their products also prevent their products from being damaged. Because the products are not damaged thanks to these shelf systems produced against the damages that may come from outside. The reason for this is that storage rack systems are made of steel. In this context, it is almost impossible for the products to be damaged. One of the reasons why warehouse rack systems are preferred is that they reduce the costs of companies or companies. Warehouse shelving systems, which provide high efficiency even in places with small available space, reduce the costs of businesses as they provide maximum benefit from minimum space. In this way, thanks to the storage rack systems, more products can be stacked even in small spaces. Another advantage of warehouse rack systems is that they allow companies or companies to provide storage services in a more organized way. Although it is frequently preferred by large businesses, it is mostly preferred by small businesses and these shelf systems may differ. In addition to the warehouse shelf systems according to the capacity, size, quantity and type of the product, there are also warehouse shelf systems specially designed according to the wishes of the users. Mold shelves, which are frequently preferred among these shelf systems, are divided into two as with drawers and without drawers. Shelving systems with drawers, on the other hand, include mold shelves with 100% opening and mold shelves with 60% opening.

What Are Drawer Mold Racks?

Drawer mold shelves, which are among the indispensables of the heavy industry and automotive industry, are shelf systems specially produced for the transportation of heavy tonnage products. It is almost mandatory for businesses to use drawer shelving systems for the transportation and storage of heavy tonnage products from one place to another. Drawer mold racks are also known as “forced mold racks”. Drawer mold shelves, which are among the indispensables of businesses, come in two forms. These different drawer mold shelves appear as “60% opening drawer mold systems” and “100% expansion mold systems”.

What are the Types of Warehouse Racking Systems?

Warehouse shelf systems are not limited to drawer mold shelves, they can be made in different ways. Especially different companies need different warehouse shelf systems for product stacking. Since the properties of the products transported by the companies change, warehouse shelf systems are also produced completely based on the products. Therefore, companies should choose the most suitable storage option for their products among the storage services. They can do this after a little research.