Mold Rack with Drawer 100% Expanding

Ana Sayfa Mold Rack with Drawer 100% Expanding

Mold Rack with Drawer 100% Expanding

Curiosities About Mold Rack With Drawer With 100% Opening

Warehouse shelving systems, which are frequently used by logistics companies in order to carry out storage services in a trouble-free and complete manner, are shelves specially produced for this sector. Warehouse shelving systems, which emerged as a result of needs and requirements, are used by businesses that provide retail and wholesale product services. These businesses, which have excess products in their warehouses, need these warehouse shelf systems in order to prevent their products from being damaged and to be stacked regularly. Even today, the use of these warehouse racking systems is about to become a necessity rather than a necessity. Because these warehouse rack systems have great benefits for businesses. The advantages of warehouse rack systems are as follows:

• Thanks to warehouse shelf systems, companies can easily store their products.
• Companies that have surplus products such as stock products can protect their products against possible external factors thanks to warehouse shelf systems. This provides an advantage to businesses as it prevents products from being damaged.
• At the same time, warehouse racking systems reduce the costs of businesses. The reason for this is that the existing areas of the enterprises are expanded with shelf systems, enabling them to carry more products than they can normally carry. This reduces the warehouse costs of the companies.
• Storage rack systems enable businesses to benefit more efficiently in their existing spaces.
• Storage rack systems enable businesses to keep their warehouses more organized.
• Warehouse rack systems allow the storage of products of any weight, quantity and sector.
• Warehouse rack systems can also be specially designed in the dimensions desired by the users.
These are the advantages and benefits that warehouse rack systems provide to companies in general. Due to these advantages, it is among the indispensables of today’s businesses. In particular, mold rack systems are among the most preferred warehouse rack systems today. Mold shelf systems are divided into two as mold shelves with drawers and mold shelves without drawers. Shelves with drawers, on the other hand, are divided into groups as mold shelf with 100% opening drawer and mold shelf with 60% opening.

What are the Features of 100% Expanding Mold Shelf with Drawer?

Heavy industry and automotive sectors are among the areas where the drawer mold shelves, which have many usage areas, are used most frequently. Drawer mold shelves, which are among the indispensables of the heavy industry and automotive sectors, are used for the transport and stacking of heavy tonnage products used in these sectors. The features of the drawer mold shelf with 100% opening are as follows:
• It is used in heavy-duty environments at workplaces.
• All drawers and covers are lockable.
• It is robust and can be used in heavy-duty operations without any problems.
• Grainy powder paint is used to be resistant to impacts and scratches.
• Phosphating is applied before the painting process to ensure the longevity of the paint.
• There are telescopic rails in the drawers of this shelf system.
• The carrying capacity of each drawer is 1000 kg.
• There is a push sandal system to prevent the drawers from opening by themselves.