Mold Rack With Drawer

Ana Sayfa Mold Rack With Drawer

Mold Rack With Drawer

Curious About the Drawer Mold Rack

Warehouse racking systems have started to be produced for the fulfillment of storage services. These warehouse racking systems, which are frequently used by the logistics industry, which is developing today, meet the demands and needs of the users. Thanks to these warehouse shelf systems, which are almost mandatory for businesses providing retail and wholesale product services, companies can easily store their products. At the same time, the warehouse shelves that protect the stock products against possible situations are generally made of steel. This prevents the products from being damaged. Thanks to warehouse rack systems, users of warehouse racking systems, which maximize their productivity, reduce their costs thanks to these systems. Thanks to the warehouse shelf systems, which are effective in reducing their costs, more products can be stacked in small areas. The reason for this is that warehouse shelving systems bring minimum areas to maximum product carrying capacity. At the same time, thanks to storage rack systems, companies and companies can have a more organized environment. These warehouse shelf systems, which are frequently preferred by small businesses, can be in different groups and types according to the demands of the companies and according to the capacity, weight and type of the product transported.

What are the Types of Warehouse Racking Systems?

In particular, it is a must that the warehouse rack systems used by different companies for product stacking have various shapes. Because not every company carries the same product. Therefore, warehouse racking systems are produced in different capacities and shapes according to the type, type, quantity and weight of the products. People, companies or companies who want to take advantage of the warehouse shelf systems service should choose the most suitable shelf systems for them. So what are these warehouse shelving systems? Let’s see together.
• Pallet Racks: It is a warehouse racking system specially produced for the transportation of large tonnage products such as heavy industry products and spare parts.
• Parcel and Box Handling Shelves: It is a shelf system used for categorizing products in different shapes and formats and stacking them with the help of parcels and boxes.
• Shelves with Drawers: These warehouse shelf systems, also known as mold shelves, are used for stacking heavy tonnage products used in heavy industry and automotive sectors.
• Cantilever Arm Shelves: It is used for stacking products such as pipes, timber and raw materials that are in one piece and have long dimensions. Suitable storage services are provided for these single-piece materials, thanks to warehouse rack systems.
• Back-to-Back Shelf: Specially produced for small spaces to carry products with greater capacity.
• Sliding Shelf: It is a warehouse shelf system with wheels to facilitate the transportation of heavy tonnage and large-sized products.

What is the Drawer Mold Rack?

Drawer mold shelves, which are called as a storage shelf system, which is almost mandatory to be used in the transportation of heavy tonnage products of the heavy industry and automotive sector, have taken their place among the indispensables of the enterprises. Thanks to the drawer mold shelves, heavy tonnage products can be easily stacked and transported.