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Shelf Systems

Curious About Shelf Systems

Today, continuous product purchases and sales have enabled some sectors to be born. One of these sectors, which emerged in line with the needs of the logistics sector, retail and wholesale product trading companies, is the companies that provide shelf systems services. So what are shelving systems, what are they good for, what are the prices of shelving systems? We have answered these questions about shelf systems for you.

What are Shelf Systems?

One of the timeless and timeless practices of the developing and transforming world is the buying and selling of all kinds of products. This is a need and will always remain a need. During the purchase and sale of these products, many different sectors and service groups come into play. Many companies and businesses have undertaken the warehouse services that will take place during the buying and selling of the products. Warehouse shelf systems services are also used for these companies to stack and stock their products in their warehouses. These warehouse racking systems are needed for the storage, stocking and protection of the products of every sector. Especially businesses and companies that have excess products in their hands want these products to be stored in an orderly manner without losing their value and without being damaged. Whatever the product to be stored, these products can be stored without being damaged thanks to the shelf systems. Firms and companies that benefit from rack systems cannot be restricted to a particular sector. There are shelf systems that are specially produced for each product, regardless of whether it is heavy tonnage, light, large, small, horizontal, vertical, more or less. These shelf systems, which are specially designed for products, also show themselves in the form of in-car shelf systems. In-vehicle shelf systems, on the other hand, allow vehicles with small and low product carrying capacity to be enlarged to carry more products. To put it briefly, shelving systems are; We can define it as a service sector made of steel and specially produced for the regular stacking of all kinds of products, services, both in vehicles and in warehouses, without being damaged.

What are the Types of Shelf System?

We mentioned that shelf systems are designed to carry different products in different sectors. Therefore, we need to classify shelf systems according to these differences. Because these differences are the criterion in determining the prices of shelf systems. These rack systems are as follows:
• Pallet Racks: It is a rack system specially produced for the storage of heavy tonnage products that are difficult to transport.
• Box and Box Handling Shelves: It is a shelf system prepared for storing products in different categories in different boxes.
• Shelves with Cantilever Arms: They are shelf systems specially designed for products that take up space horizontally, considering that not every product is vertical.
• Mold Racks: Racking systems used for stocking, transporting and storing one-piece and heavy loads.
• Back-to-Back Shelf Systems: It is formed by mounting two rack systems back to back.