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Material Cabinets

Wondering About Material Cabinets

Material cabinets, which are generally used in factories, workshops, maintenance-repair and assembly workshops, automotive-machinery and metal processing companies, are products specially produced for the use of enterprises. Thanks to these material cabinets, which are offered to many sectors, it is possible to store products in workshops and factories. Thanks to these cabinets, products are prevented from being lost and damaged due to possible risks. The structure of the material cabinets is metal and these cabinets also offer the drawer and lock system to their users. These metal material cabinets, which are frequently used to improve the working environment, are also called industrial material cabinets. These material cabinets, which are produced in blue as standard, are painted with electrostatic powder paint. However, although the standard color of the material cabinets is blue, they can also be produced in different ways in line with the customer’s requests. Material cabinets, which are highly resistant to scratches and external impacts, are frequently preferred by many companies and businesses for the storage of their products and keeping them together in an orderly manner. So what are these material cabinets needed in many sectors, what are they good for? You can find the answers to these questions in our article.

What Do Material Cabinets Do?

Material cabinets made of steel factors appear as a kind of organization cabinet that is frequently preferred for companies and workplaces. Material cabinets, which are specially produced to prevent damage to the products used by workplaces and companies and to keep them together in an orderly manner, meet the demands of their customers. It is resistant to factors such as fire, scratching and deformation that may come from the outside, especially due to its steel structure. Thanks to the lock systems of the material cabinets, the products to be stored can be safely stored.

What are the Types of Material Cabinets?

Material cabinets are grouped by separating them from each other on some issues. These groups are as follows:
• Material Cabinet with Shelves: Drawers are generally used in material cabinets with shelves, such as with or without drawers. Instead of these drawers, specially produced panels or shelves are available. The load carrying capacity of the shelf material cabinets with a carrying capacity of 80 kg as a standard can be increased upon request.
• Industrial Material Cabinet: It consists of industrial material cabinets, shelves and drawers, which offer a long service life thanks to the sheet thickness and other factors produced. The average weight carrying capacity of these shelves is 80 kg.
• Hardware Cabinet: Hardware cabinets, which are produced for storing heavy loads used in factories, workshops and repair shops, are made of heavy-duty active materials. These cabinets, which are used for the storage of hardware products, ensure that the products are safely stored and easily accessible.
• Tool Cabinet: These cabinets, which are designed to prevent the loss of the tools of the personnel used in the factories and workshops, reduce the losses of the factories against loss. Tool cabinets with models such as shelves, panels and drawers are used for the safe storage of personnel’s products and belongings.