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Tool Trolleys

Wondering About Team Cars

Tool cars, which are indispensable in the automotive industry, are used in the maintenance and repair services of factories. Tool trolleys, which provide practical access to frequently used hand tools, are also used to prevent the loss of hand tools. Tool trolleys, which are very useful, can be with drawers, shelves or in different shapes. These tool trolleys, consisting of high safety and robust drawers, have an average of 50 kg carrying capacity. Users can purchase these sheets, which are produced from steel sheet construction, in the desired dimensions and features. Tool trolleys, which are usually in the form of 3 drawers and 5 drawers, can also have more drawers. In particular, tool trolleys with wheels for moving tools and special tools in the workshop can store 60 hand tools. The wheels that enable the tool trolleys to move are designed to move quite silently. At the same time, one of these wheels has a brake mechanism. So, what are the people wondering about team cars, what is it good for, how many types are there? Let’s look at the answers to such questions together.

What is Tool Cars, What Does It Do?

Tool trolleys are used for the transportation of 60 hand tools and maintenance and repair services on average. These tool cars, which are indispensable for the automotive sector, are among the preferences of many sectors and workplaces. Tool trolleys, which are used especially for the transportation of hand tools that need to be moved within the workplaces, also provide convenience to the users in the transfer processes that will take place between the workplaces. These tool trolleys, which have a carrying capacity of 50 kg, consist of high safety and robust drawers. These tool trolleys, produced in certain molds, are produced from 3 and 5 drawers. However, these specially produced tool trolleys can be produced with or without more drawers according to their wishes. 5,6 and drawer tool trolleys are used for these tool trolleys, which are indispensable for the aviation industry. At the same time, it provides convenience to its users with its wheel apparatus. In addition to all these, team cars can be in different shapes. These team cars consist of 2 panels. One of these boards is located on the right and the other on the left. These tool trolleys with two-level shelves offer storage and transport of more products. These carts, which can easily carry 120 kg and 100 hand tools, have wheels with brake mechanism and bearings. In this case, it allows the tool trolley to move easily. This long-lasting tool trolley moves silently with its rubber-coated wheel structure.

How Much Are Tool Trolley Prices?

Tool trolleys used by many companies are preferred because they provide many advantages to their users. The prices of the team cars are completely determined by the brands and features.