What Are The Features Should Be In Mold Shelves With Drawers?

Mold racks are a rack system used in the heavy industry industry by vertically arranging metal molds with high capacity weight. Molded shelves are common systems used as storage. Warehouse areas create an environment suitable for stacking them on top of each other, with various types of products in all weights, which have the highest capacity to carry. Thanks to its additional durability in possible disasters such as earthquakes and the precautions taken beforehand, transportation safety is kept at the highest level. According to the information obtained in the carrying capacity, the carrying capacity is quite strong no matter how heavy the load ton is. Mold warehouses are redesigned with the help of horizontal and vertical carriers, which determine how much capacity the load ton has.

Mold Rack with Drawer Features, The mold rack is most commonly used to store all kinds of molds that can be mounted with a movable carrier on the top to easily receive the goods. The side shelf has wheel rail at the bottom, and the sliding shelf panel can be pulled out freely during loading. The medium size slide shelf can bear less than 800kg/Layer, and the heavy type slide shelf can lift and load 600kg/drawer. The whole shelf is convenient for transportation, the part is combination structure, and the fixing part is simple and fast, and this shelf has better safety protection device. Special drawer type mold shelf can be ordered at the same time .

How is the mold drawer structure?

  • Combined assembly, mainly composed of column, guide, drawer layer, , positioning pin, such as bolted connection, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows.
    The drawer tray consists primarily of a slide rail, a drawer tray and a groove.
  • There are positioning pins and limiting pins to secure the drawers while they are being pulled out.1. Mold rack is more demanding in installation than ordinary rack. After the rack system is installed, it is necessary to make sure that the materials are working normally and whether the bolts are tightened.
  • Expansion bolts at the bottom of the rack can effectively prevent the racks from causing weight loss. For this reason, the bolts of the foot must be in place and it must be ensured that they are tightened sufficiently.
  • When the mold is placed or removed, it is necessary to check whether the sling is in place to prevent the mold from falling to the ground with a sudden movement during the lifting process, if not checked, this will result in mold damage or safety accident.
  • Mold rack quality is also a factor that needs attention. The load bearing test must be performed after installation. Specialized in light-duty racking, medium-duty racking, long-span racking, pallet racking, heavy-duty racking, drive in racks, narrow aisle racking, shuttle rack, cantilever racks, steel platform, mezzanine, mold rack, drawer rack, gravity.
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