We Add Order, Visuality and Professionalism with the Service We Provide

Our company has carried out extensive exchanges and friendly cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, which strongly supports the healthy and rapid development of Turkey. We can produce as customers’ any demand, specification and standard. Our company has kept its promise by sticking to the contract for a long time and gained a good reputation in the steel industry with the support and trust of its customers. All production processes comply with international standards to ensure product quality.

According to the overall distribution plan and professional management policy, the company is currently engaged in international and local commercial activities mainly on steel products. It is mainly engaged in the export of stainless steel sheets, stainless steel coils, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel bars, galvanized coils, galvanized sheets, color coated coils, aluminum coils, aluminum sheets, carbon steel sheets and other steel products.

We are trying to bring Turkey’s high quality steel to the world. In order to assist the healthy, rapid and harmonious development of the Turkish steel industry, Detay Industry will, as always, be honest and pragmatic, maintain, reinforce and promote national brands, and provide high-quality products and first-class services for the domestic market.

The adoption of high-precision machining equipment is the basis of quality-assured machine production. A team of experienced engineers work with skilled technicians for machine production and inspection. Detay Industry has a high reputation in domestic and international markets.

We will satisfy our domestic and foreign customers with our enthusiastic and experienced engineers.

When you benefit from Detay Industry, you will be provided with after-sales service, quality and reasonable prices.

We wish you to always be prosperous and prosperous during the integration period.

Our Activity Areas:

Light and Medium Duty Racking Applications

It is the ideal shelf system for storing light and medium-duty shelving systems and products that are not too heavy and do not take up much space. It can adapt to any storage space thanks to its easily adjustable eye openings. A solid and hard material is used in this system. Our products are made of steel. Light and medium-duty shelving systems, which are especially preferred by automotive, wholesalers, supermarkets, electronics, spare parts manufacturers and dealers, building materials and logistics companies, can be easily rearranged and expanded.

In-vehicle cabin equipment

Cabins designed for ambulance or industrial vehicles.

Material and tool cabinets

For hospitals and schools.

mold rack with drawers

For industrial companies.

Material and tool cabinets

For school, hospital and factories.

work benches

For industrial workspaces.

Our workbenches come in a variety of styles, including ergonomic height adjustable, chemical resistant, ball transfer surface, computer stations, laminar flow stations and more. It is our goal to supply our customers with workbenches of unmatched quality. These items are designed with you in mind; This means that your productivity is guaranteed to be positively impacted by our solutions.

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