What is a molded shelf with drawers and why should we choose it?

Ensuring occupational safety in production areas and protecting product molds and parts are the most important factors. Drawer mold rack system, molds, mold parts or motor etc. It ensures easy storage and preservation of the products in the fastest way and providing occupational safety. Shelving systems with drawers are fully oriented to meet our needs as the width of the drawers can be changed and the shelf depth and height options are available . The system is completely disassembled. In this way, additional units can be added if needed, or the shelves can be removed and moved to another place.

Advantages of drawer mold rack:

Drawer mold shelves are an excellent system for the protection of large and heavy single items or multiple small items, parts.

The locking system is activated when the drawers are fully closed or opened. Job security is at the highest level.

It allows your molds to be stored in a regular and organized manner and to use your work area in the most effective way.

Your molds or molded parts etc. products are easily placed in the drawers with a single operator. In this way, significant savings are achieved from time and labor.

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