Computer Cabinet DT-15-5002

About product

General features :

Fully welded strong and durable body
It is suitable for industrial use.
It is resistant to dust, moisture and impacts.
All drawers and doors are locked for complete security.
Full extension (telescopic) industrial type rails are used in the drawers.
There is a tray in the drawer to put the keyboard.
It has ventilation vents.
The monitor cover is made of unbreakable 3 mm transparent plexiglass material.
Covered cable passage channels are available in various places.
The monitor cover has a sliding cover.
The accessories are easily detachable.

Technicial Specifications :

Dimensions 1540 mm x 620 mm x 570 mm (including wheel).
Cabinet dimensions 625 mm x 580 mm x 530 mm (Internal).
Drawer dimensions 44 mm x 525 mm x 400 mm (Internal).
51.00 kg Weight (Excluding Accessories).
0.80 mm DKP sheet material.
Electrostatic Powder Coating (E/P)
Silver Gray (RAL 7001) – color option.
Cylinder Lock (double key)
Suitable for 14-21 inch CRT monitors

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